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Super BD Stingray

Freshwater stingray redbase leucistic key het female 6inch

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this is red base  lined pearl/leucistic key het father is albino Carry 75% redbase gene,

they produce white/leucistic rays, also you can breed him with black diamond or albino black diamond to make key diamond rays for your new breeding project, imported from taiwan, eating  shrimps and  tilapia.

We won't send out unhealthy stingrays and we provide feeding videos with dates so you know your ray was healthy. Then we stop feeding the stingray you picked for a couple days to prepare for shipping with clean water and pure oxygen. During cold weather we include heat packs to ensure the insulated box maintains warm temperature during the Ray's trip.
We use ups next day air overnight/southwest cargo ngf.
anything goes wrong during shipping D.O.A will be on us
ups delays/cargo flight delays.
we will take care it.